Supporting Local Artists

ART HOUSE opened with the sole purpose of creating a space for local artists to exhibit their art. That purpose has not changed despite the growth of our gallery. 

We continue to take in new local artists. In order to keep our selection process non-bias, we have developed an application process by which each new artist is accepted into the gallery.

How do we define "local"? Most of our artists are within a 15-20 mile radius of Jonesboro but we have a few who live as far as Central, South, and NW Arkansas. We consider residents of Arkansas local artists.

If you are a local artist and wish to exhibit with ART HOUSE, please reach out to us! 

Upcoming Exhibitions you may want to participate in:

ART HOUSE 1 Year Anniversary Show: Saturday, June 20th

Photography Exhibition: June (date TBA)

Figurative Exhibition: July (date TBA)

Woman in Art: September (date TBA)

Fill out the contact information below and we can set up a time to talk, look at your art, and discuss the status of availability in our gallery:

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Thanks for submitting!