ART HOUSE opened June 20, 2019 with a small dream of having a location for a group of local artists to exhibit their art. Owner, Angie Jones, and her husband Scotty, saw the opportunity when they sold their home and moved to a loft in Downtown Jonesboro. 

Scotty and Angie never dreamed the commercial space beneath them would, in just six short months, be a thriving local art gallery. Hosting seven art shows in six months with each as successful as the last. 

Jonesboro, Northeast Arkansas, and Downtown needed a space for local artists and for those who love to buy local art. 

ART HOUSE has hosted ten art classes in the first six months. Taught by resident artists of the gallery and offering different types of art to all ages and skill levels. 

Angie and Scotty are proud to have exhibited over 60 local artists in 2019 and have great plans for 2020. 

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