About Me

Hello All! 

Knowing more about me will help you understand my work. 

By day, I am a Nurse Practitioner of nearly 20 years. I specialize in Weight Management.

As with many, I started years ago on a different path. I wanted to be an artist. Life happened and I decided to choose a new path that lead me to healthcare. 

But, just as things do, I found my way back to art after my children were grown and I had to time to pursue my passion. 

Today, I am painting full time and working as a Nurse Practitioner full time, and I love it! 

Because of my work in weight management, I deal with body acceptance and positivity daily. This lead me to figurative art and portraying the human body. 

I work in abstract and realism with different mediums. I also do custom nudes!

For more information and a look at what I am currently working on, follow me on IG @angelafordjonesart

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